David Rose

I made a new account for my photography! I’ll be doing most of my posting over there now, so follow me there and I’ll follow you back. 

She said “Let me go,”
But I could never let go
I don’t want to fall.



All his life, ever since he could first remember, people would stare.
Some would store in wonder, others in surprise, some others in silent disbelief, and some mothers in disapproval at the example he was setting. He became a sort of legend, a hero to some and a villain to others (and a superhero after a brief exposure to a very small isolated tribe of homeschoolers in the jungles of suburbia, but that’s a story for another time…). No one knew exactly why or how he came to be, or why he made the choices that he made; he was a complete mystery, an enigma to everyone around him. Whatever his origins, his reasons, and whatever the story behind the headphones, the world would never be the same after experiencing thatkidwiththeheadphones. are *you* experienced?


It was the kind of morning where the light is an unwelcome guest that comes flooding through the curtains and pools up on the walls, dripping in puddles onto the floor. She squinted her eyes barely open, still clinging to the sleep that they so desperately desired, and reached out her hand to silence the commotion coming from the alarm clock. ‘Today is the day,’ she thought, the day that all the years of hard work, preparation and training come to fruition. The day that she would finally learn how to ride a polar bear like a true Norwegian…

Coming out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine, gotta gotta be down because I want it all.

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